Interested in food waste diversion but don’t know where to start? Here are some resources!

Preventing Food Waste

National Restaurant Association: Best practices for reducing food waste.

ReFed Action Guides: Downloadable free action guides to assist grocery retailers, restaurants and the food service industry to help develop and implement food waste solutions.

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Leanpath: A food waste prevention platform and tool for the food service industry that offers automated food waste tracking technology in order to reduce food waste and change behaviors.

Food Waste Reduction Alliance: A tool-kit to help guide companies through the basic steps of food waste reduction including how to get started, donation, and barriers to overcome.

Food Donation Programs

Food Rescue US: An app- based service that matches would be wasted food and delivers it to food insecure people in your area. 

Mid-Ohio Food Bank: With a network over 650 locations, the Mid-Ohio Food Bank accepts nonperishable foods and fresh produce.  Learn more about how you can donate food.

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine: This is a national 501(c)3 non-profit food rescue organization, operating in cities throughout the United and headquartered in New York City. The Columbus Chapter officially started as a project through the Near Eastside Leadership Academy. The organization provides solutions to prevent excess wholesome cuisine from being wasted. E-mail the local branch at to volunteer or for more information.

Good Samaritan Food Donation Act:  Want to donate food but uncertain about the rules and liability? The Good Samaritan Food Donation Act was enacted to encourage companies and organizations to donate healthy food that would otherwise go to waste and be protected from criminal and civil liability.

Food Scrap Collection and Composting Services

Big Hanna Composter: On-site composting equipment for large generators of food waste.

Denali Water Facility: A facility which offers processing of food waste to become fertilizer and energy.

Grind2Energy: Industrial strength on-site food waste grinder, enabling businesses to quickly and easily dispose of all types of food scraps.  The food scraps are converted and processed at an anaerobic digestion facility producing energy and fertilizer.

GoZero: Provides convenient food waste compost services and support, transporting your food waste from your residential community or commercial operation to a composter near you.

Innovative Organics: Provides collection services to communities, institutions, food processors, restaurants, schools, retail stores, and other commercial facilities that want to “go green” by reducing or eliminating the organic waste stream they generate and send to the landfill.

Organix Recycling: national food scraps hauler that offers collection services to large scale generators in Central Ohio.

Price Farms: Ohio EPA Class II compost facility in Delaware, Ohio that accepts clean commercial food for composting.

Other Programs, Policies, and Resources

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Ohio EPA: Informational and regulatory resource for composting in the state of Ohio.  Check out the Ohio Food Scraps Recovery Initiative.

Franklin County Public Health: Informational and regulatory resource for food safety and solid waste regulation in Franklin County.

Columbus Public Health: Leads the execution of the Local Food Action Plan, which provides common goals and actions to unify efforts in growing, processing, transporting, selling, consuming and disposing of food. 

SWACO: The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) serves Franklin County and neighboring areas with solutions for solid waste including recycling opportunities.  Check out the waste assessment tool for businesses to assess and reduce waste.

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U.S. EPA WARM Calculator: A tool to assist with tracking greenhouse gas emissions reductions from activities such as anaerobic digestion, composting, and recycling.