reducing food waste and leveraging it as a resource to benefit central ohio

The Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative (COFWI) aims to reduce food waste and leverage it as a resource to benefit our region. COFWI takes a holistic approach to combat food waste by creating solutions geared towards preventing food waste, rescuing and redistributing edible food, and recycling food through composting and other technologies. The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) formed the Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative (COFWI) in September 2018 bringing together a diverse set of organizations to develop an action plan that provides a living framework for collaboratively advancing the front lines on food waste, which requires a flexible and adaptive approach. The plan will lead to a shared approach for investment and support for new services, policies, infrastructure, as well as collective messaging and outreach to promote participation.

The first major deliverable for COFWI is the development of the Central Ohio Food Waste Action Plan (May 2019), which will serve as a roadmap for achieving common goals.

Progress Update: July, 2019

COFWI’s initial projects focus on three subject areas that our collaborative identified as foundational for future food waste reduction work. These focus areas are:

  • Consumer Food Waste Awareness Campaign- We are developing a county-wide campaign to shed light on the economic, social, and environmental benefits of addressing food waste and to push for a change in consumer behavior.

    • Tell us what you would like to see in a food waste awareness campaign in this survey! (link to surveymonkey)

  • Piloting School Curriculum, Share Tables and Rescue, and Collection- Partnering with four schools as a testing ground, we are integrating food waste programming and developing playbooks for food waste reductions in school across Franklin County.

  • Promoting Existing Services and Programs- Many COFWI partners already offer grants, education programs, and other resources for community members looking to end food waste. We just need to get the word out!

Upcoming Food Waste Events and Activities

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