COFWI is also a highly collaborative process that unifies efforts to reduce and repurpose food waste throughout the Central Ohio region. Together, the stakeholders identify and address the challenges, needs, and barriers for overcoming this issue, developing solutions and pooling resources, and bolstering the great work that is already underway. Central Ohio is fortunate to have established agencies, organizations, and businesses involved in food waste prevention, rescue and recycling.  Bringing these stakeholders together provided the opportunity to identify shared goals and collaboration.  SWACO engaged two consultancies to support the process – Biehl Consultancy, with a focus on the stakeholder process and engagement, and Resource Recycling Systems, with a focus on content regarding solutions for food waste.

Food Waste Action Plan

The first major deliverable for COFWI is the development of this Food Waste Action Plan that will serve as a roadmap for achieving common goals.  The holistic and collaborative approach of the Action Plan strives to establish commitments and support from local and regional organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals within the value chain. Once completed, the document and supporting materials will be posted here.

Videos, Articles and Media

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