The Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative aims to reduce food waste and leverage it as a resource to benefit our region. Consistent with the food waste hierarchy, the Initiative will have a holistic approach by focusing on preventing food waste, recovering edible food waste for redistribution, and recycling food waste through agriculture uses such as composting.

The Initiative is facilitated by SWACO – the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio. SWACO’s mission is to improve the community’s waste stream through effective reduction, recycling, and disposal. SWACO offers a range of programs to promote and incentivize waste reduction and diversion and operates two solid waste transfer stations and the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill. In SWACO’s recently approved Solid Waste Management Plan, food waste is identified as a major opportunity for reducing the waste stream. www.swaco.org

Building on the strong support in the community to address food waste, the Initiative will be tasked with the development of a Food Waste Action Plan that will address shared goals for food waste prevention, recovery, and recycling by leveraging partnerships and expertise of committed stakeholders. The Action Plan will include a committee and working groups, all contributing towards real solutions to implement in Central Ohio.

The Food Waste Action Plan will serve as a comprehensive analysis, strategy, and roadmap for reducing and diverting food waste in the central Ohio area, primarily within Franklin County. The holistic and collaborative approach of the Action Plan will strive to establish commitments and support from local and regional organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals within the value chain. The plan will lead to a shared approach for investment and support for new services, policies, infrastructure, as well as collective messaging and outreach to promote participation.


The Initiative is intended to be a highly collaborative process that unifies efforts to reduce and repurpose food waste throughout the Central Ohio region. Therefore, key stakeholders in the arena of food waste reduction have been invited to participate. As the Initiative develops, an Advisory Group and Working Groups will be established to support the development of solutions to be included in the Food Waste Action Plan.


The first working session will be on September 20, 2018.


For inquiries, please contact:

Kyle O’Keefe, Direction of Innovation and Programs


(614) 801-6412